50 Shades Greener Hospitality Programme

Save Money - Add Value - Reduce Carbon

You want to make your hospitality business greener


You want to do this in the quickest and most efficient way possible
You want to be sure you're doing the right thing in the right way 
Most of all, you want to ensure your work leads to real change and results 

About the Programme

The Fifty Shades Greener Hospitality Programme is about giving you the knowledge and tools you need to make your business greener. It's about enabling you to get going and to take action.  It’s about creating an action-based roadmap for you to follow.  An Expert Mentor who has done all of this before to the highest possible level will share the exact experience, knowledge and  tools you need on the journey.

The Fifty Shades Green Programme creates savings in your business – its saves your time, your money and your resources.  Guaranteed!    

What will you walk away with? Working closely with Raquel Noboa, Fifty Shades Greener Expert Mentor, you will identify your green business goals, agree actions to achieve them and partner together to actually get them done.   You will make plans, take decisions and implement actions.   You will walk away with greater knowledge, skills and competencies in Green Business.  You will make a difference to your business and to the environment.

The 50 Shades Greener Hospitality Programme delivers:

  • A Green Action Plan: your ideas and aspirations will be transformed into a clear, documented plan with actions, targets and deadlines.

  • A Green Team: you will establish a small group of people with a clear remit and understanding of their responsibilities in relation to greening your business.

  • Focus: you will save time and frustration by quickly identifying the areas for action that will lead the greatest return to your business. 

  • Accountability: weekly mentoring sessions and e-mail check-ins with Raquel mean you stay on track.  She will hold you to account!

  • Experience and Knowledge: It has taken years for Raquel to build up the expertise and experience.  You can take the short-cut and access all this knowledge in a short timeframe. Get your results quickly!

  • Support: Raquel is a non-judgmental partner who will both champion and challenge you on your journey.

The 50 Shades Greener Hospitality Programme includes:

  1. Introductory meeting with Raquel at your business.

  2. Preliminary Green Audit of your business during introductory visit, usually leading to some immediate quick wins.

  3. 6 one-to-one telephone or video mentoring sessions (1 hour each).

  4. Weekly email summaries and action checklists from Raquel between sessions.

  5. Access to the unique Fifty Shades Greener Toolkit. This contains practical and easy-to-use tools that Raquel has fine-tuned over the course of her own green journey.

Our Green Background

Tina and Raquel got to know each other through the GeoparkLIFE Tourism for Conservation Programme 2013-2018. This programme won the National Geographic World Legacy Award in 2016.  They collaborated on the creation of an innovative Code of Practice for Sustainable Tourism, now adopted by a large network of businesses in the Burren Geopark. They have designed and delivered over 1000 days of training and mentoring supports for tourism enterprises, enabling them to  implement green practices and achieve certifications for same.

More About Raquel

Raquel Noboa moved to Ireland from her native Spain in 1998 and has been working in the Irish hospitality sector since then. She is a Tourism Space Associate Consultant and an independent Ecotourism Management Consultant. Raquel won the title of Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) Environmental Manager of the Year in 2015. She also led Hotel Doolin to win the Platinum Award on Green Hospitality in 2014, twice winner of the Tourism & Entertainment Award 2015 & 2016 from the National Green Awards, IBEC Environmental Awards 2016 amongst others. 

"I make sustainability make sense. I firmly believe that any hospitality business can take small steps that can generate big results for their bottom line." 


The programme takes place over 8 weeks: an introductory meeting followed by 6 telephone/video mentoring sessions.  The programme is action-oriented and so time is built in between sessions to allow you reflect, research or take action. We allow 2 weeks after the  introductory meeting and one week between each session thereafter.   

Programme Fee: 

€999 (travel expenses outside the Republic of Ireland not included).

Money Back Guarantee: If you participate in the programme and are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money without argument or discussion. 


Get in touch: info@thetourismspace.com
Raquel +353 (0)87 960 3371

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